16bis studio is a Milan-based studio created by Giulia Pannella and Lapo Soldano in 2018 that operates internationally in various sectors of architecture and at different scales, favoring an interdisciplinary approach and integrated design, thanks to close collaboration with other specialists in the field of architecture and with additional professionals in the area of engineering, agriculture, graphics, craftsmanship, etc.

This approach allows the in-depth development of projects that range from the sphere of urban planning, landscape and public space, to construction and renovation, up to the search for detail in the field of interior design.

The studio also has a great interest in issues related to sustainability and for urban regeneration and environmental protection projects. On an architectural level, it is constantly looking for specific ideas and solutions for the creation of sustainable works, through the use of renewable energies, natural materials and ecological finishes, to obtain the best relationship between investment and benefits.

The studio offers various services for private and public operators, such as technical consultancy, real estate feasibility studies, project development from concept to executive, assistance during construction, drafting of administrative practices, support for the design and choice of furnishings, etc.